Beautiful free Images now: 7 Zinnia and 1 Hosta

Free Images.  That means do what you want.

I took these free images myself and am uploading them in the hopes of creating a more open, giving environment on the internet. This is my way of giving back to the community. Use as you will. Creative commons, no attribute required. I would love to see what you make, drop me a line!

Hostas are shade plants and enjoy moisture. Snails like to make holes in their leaves but this is one very happy specimen in its dappled shade. This one came with me all the way from Indianapolis. Despite being moved twice in three years, it’s thriving.

In contrast zinnias prefer sunshine. They are a very happy and colorful flower that does well cut for vases. We planted ours from seeds that we purchased from Lowes. They are very easy to grow, but do take some time to start blooming, so get them into the ground early.

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