Free Running Fantasy Girl Image

by ES Tilton, August 31, 2016

  Free Fantasy Image It’s been a while since I posted free usage images.  I’ve been busy with health issues, life, and launching Trapped Within Illusions, my fantasy book about a girl who is running from assassins.  I’ll be trying to put up a free to use fantasy image almost … Continue reading

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Facebook profile: How to make your photo beautiful!

by ES Tilton, October 9, 2015

Have  you  been Facebook profile photo munged?   There is nothing more disappointing, when uploading a photo  to Facebook, than to have it munged.   What’s a munge?  That’s a technical term for any  time a  piece of  digital media becomes distorted,  pixelated, blurred, or otherwise fucked up. Recently I sent  … Continue reading

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Character Growth Across Novels – By Terry Persun

by ES Tilton, August 9, 2015

 Terry Persun brings us his take on character growth For years I wrote single, one-off novels with characters who changed and evolved throughout each book. But when I started to write a series, like my Doublesight series, I found that most of my characters weren’t finished growing as I thought. … Continue reading

Get 11 beautiful forest images free today!

by ES Tilton, August 5, 2015

Today I’m offering free forest images as well as a couple of bark images and one image of hikers.  These were taken during a hike at Spring Mill Park and represent the forests of Southern Indiana.  The local park uses gravels on their forest floors, which is not nearly as … Continue reading

Blogging challenge vs Gen Con 2015

by ES Tilton, August 3, 2015

Blogging challenge takes a hit! Today is day six of the 90 day blogging challenge and I’ve already missed a day.  ::sigh::  Alas Gen Con rolled a 20 and then another 20 resulting in a fatal blow yesterday to the blog posting.  Then the super sugary Dunkin Donut only rolled … Continue reading

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