Blogging challenge vs Gen Con 2015

Blogging challenge takes a hit!

Today is day six of the 90 day blogging challenge and I’ve already missed a day.  ::sigh::  Alas Gen Con rolled a 20 and then another 20 resulting in a fatal blow yesterday to the blog posting.  Then the super sugary Dunkin Donut only rolled a 15 but that was high enough to take out my last three hit points, which resulted in zero brain function. In other words I was so deliriously exhausted that I was incomprehensible on the way home last night.  But omg did I ever have a great time.  You can definitely count on me showing up for Gen Con next year and if I can get my shit together there will be a ES Tilton booth.

I will have several posts about Gen Con out this week covering what I saw and heard there.  I’ve got over 220 images to sort through, most of them costumes.  So I’ll be uploading a Gen Con 2015 costume gallery for your viewing pleasure.  I’ll also be writing an article about Ren Garcia and the authors area of Gen Con.  I spent most of my day in the art section with Mark Hardman and my daughter Amber Tilton and we collected some lovely business cards from the wonderful artists so I will have one post featuring them.
blogging challenge
In my last blog I expressed my concern about my foot being able to survive the day.  I’m happy to report that while I was limping by the end of the day, and my ankles had swollen up terribly, I am not in pain today.  My entire body is sore though.  Weird how walking around for a day can make you sore like that.  So my 9 weeks of hiking paid off.  Tomorrow starts week ten of that adventure.

One thing I want to say, over and over, is how wonderful all the people were at the convention.  Of all the conventions I’ve been to over the years Gen Con is where I feel at home.  Gaming, art, costumes, books, and wonderful people, what more need be said?  My idea of heaven.

That’s it for tonight.  Expect two posts tomorrow to make up for the missing one yesterday and go have fun.  Roll dice, play games, sip wine, enjoy friends.  Life is more than online.

~~ES Tilton

ES Tilton is an avid lover of fantasy fiction, art, dance, weapons, nature, cats, costuming, gaming, great sex, whiskey sours and hot tubs. She spends most of her time wrestling with computers to create great stories and art. Her fantasy fiction series can be found on her book site.

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