Character Growth Across Novels – By Terry Persun

 Terry Persun brings us his take on character growth

For years I wrote single, one-off novels with characters who changed and evolved throughout each book. But when I started to write a series, like my Doublesight series, I found that most of my characters weren’t finished growing as I thought.


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Growth in a character often happens through the events of the story because they are faced with things they have never been faced with before. Because their emotions, skills, and creative solutions are pushed to the limits. My concern when I began to write book two of the Doublesight series was that my characters wouldn’t evolve, that they’d become stale, perhaps making them seem more two-dimensional than what they were in book 1.


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To my surprise, that wasn’t the case. No different than watching a serial television show like Game of Thrones or Agents of Shield, if characters are continually faced with new problems, they must dig deeper and deeper within themselves to overcome those problems. This is especially true when you’re writing an epic fantasy like Doublesight. My characters live and die, they change and fight to maintain a semblance of control and order in their lives.


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Many writers talk about how characters take over the story lines in their novels, but I find that what my characters do is show their true selves. Once I’ve created a character, with a certain back story, beliefs, and fears, I’ve created a person with complexity and depth. As I’m writing the book, my character—as I’ve developed him or her—gets a personality that even I can’t force (or shouldn’t try to force) to do something they just wouldn’t do. And that’s why a series offers such a fascinating road to walk. Characters, as long as they’re alive and living are also changing, no different than any of us.

In Doublesight, my characters not only grow, but they change in ways that only they could. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.


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Terry Persun has been writing and publishing short stories and novels since the early 1970s. He has been the recipient of seven novel and poetry awards over the years, including the Star of Washington Award, a Silver IPPY for historical fiction, two Book of the Year finalist awards in the science fiction category, two finalist awards from the USABookNews International Book Awards (one in science fiction and one in historical fiction), two poetry chapbook awards, and a Jeanne Voge Poetry Award. Terry writes in a variety of genres including science fiction, thriller, mystery, and mainstream fiction. He is a respected keynoter and speaker at libraries, writers’ groups, writers’ conferences, and universities across the country. Terry has an MA in creative writing from SUNY Stony Brook.

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