Free Running Fantasy Girl Image


Free Fantasy Image

It’s been a while since I posted free usage images.  I’ve been busy with health issues, life, and launching Trapped Within Illusions, my fantasy book about a girl who is running from assassins.  I’ll be trying to put up a free to use fantasy image almost every day.  That may be too lofty a goal, even for me.  These are just low res, down and dirty images created in DAZ studio with as little post work in Photoshop as possible.  They are not intended to represent my full abilities.  If you want something really nice please contact me or visit

You may use this image for anything you want, except child porn and digital games.  If it were up to me I’d let you use them in games too but that requires a 2000 dollar gaming license from DAZ, and I’m just not ready for that expense.  Please be kind and others find me, and my art, by leaving the logo and website address at the bottom.  Anyway… Enjoy!

ES Tilton is an avid lover of fantasy fiction, art, dance, weapons, nature, cats, costuming, gaming, great sex, whiskey sours and hot tubs. She spends most of her time wrestling with computers to create great stories and art. Her fantasy fiction series can be found on her book site.

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