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Today I’m offering free forest images as well as a couple of bark images and one image of hikers.  These were taken during a hike at Spring Mill Park and represent the forests of Southern Indiana.  The local park uses gravels on their forest floors, which is not nearly as nice to walk on as mulch or dirt.  However this part of Indiana is abundant in limestone and rock so I’m sure they got a deal.  😉  I hope these images are useful.  They are free stock to use for whatever you want, no attribute required.  However I would love to see what you do with them.

You might see woods like this near the triple arches of Kyron’s Worlde too.  Except for the gravel.  They would not waste their energy grinding up stone.

forest images forest2 forest3 forest4 forest5 forest6 forest7 forest8 forest9 forest10

Larger versions of these images can be found by clicking on the image. Even larger versions can be found here:

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