Testing WordPress 3.5

Well it would seem that I’ve survived the upgrade.  But not without losing a nights sleep so that I could manually redo the automatic upgrade that broke my blog.  Lesson learned.  Sometimes it’s better to do it yourself than to rely on technology.

I’m looking at the new interface on my posting page and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Probably because I’m so tired.  It’s like moving from using windows 95 to using windows 8 overnight.  Will take me a while to figure out where everything on this page is and what all these extra things do.

Yet I still just breathed a sigh of relief. I’ve typed a few minutes with no weird glitches.  My picture posted to the blog post page with no problems.  I have buttons and visual editing back again.  Sometimes life is just good.

If you happen to be looking for solutions to this same problems, do the manual upgrade.  It works.  Then go do something relaxing.  In the mean time, ss my some of my favorite friends would say….  Just breathe….

ES Tilton is an avid lover of fantasy fiction, art, dance, weapons, nature, cats, costuming, gaming, great sex, whiskey sours and hot tubs. She spends most of her time wrestling with computers to create great stories and art. Her fantasy fiction series can be found on her book site.


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