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Women’s Life Link celebrates their relaunch this Saturday on facebook. Drop in and register for free prizes, including my ebook series Kyron’s Worlde Foretold.  At last count the prizes ring in at over 1259 dollars! That’s worth stopping in for.  Prizes listed below.

Women’s life link is an online magazine whose goal is to enrich the lives of it’s female readers. The magazine covers topics from health, to fashion, to sex, to specific solutions for the type of everyday problems we all face. Kellie Stone, creative life coach and creator of this radical site, has recently added a new panel of writers to her repertoire.  She accepts guest posts if you happen to be interested.  Write her for a list of guidelines.

I’ll be in my role of Saucy Rescuer this Saturday.  That’s the name I’ve been dubbed with on her panel because my goal on WLL is to help women resolve issues centering around their sex life.  Everyone should be able to enjoy the type of sexual freedom that I’ve come to believe is normal.  Follow my articles on her site and let me rescue you.  😉

Join the event today on facebook:  Women’s Life Link Grand Relaunch!

These are some of the prizes that will be given away:



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