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Kyra Atar enters, hips swaying. Her eyes sweep across the room before settling on the woman sitting at a chair. “I suppose you’re Scarlett. Nice to have you here on sexy fantasy fiction. I’m a little confused about why they called me in for this interview. You don’t look dangerous.”

“No, I am not dangerous. But if someone messes with someone I love who knows what I could do?”

“Well that sounds interesting, just exactly what would you do? Special abilities? And let’s talk weapons. What’s your favorite weapon?” Kyra’s eyes flicker back and forth between the Scarlet’s face and something behind her.

“I have a fire trait, so if you mess with me, feel free to get burnt.”

“Fire huh, well I can see where that comes in quite handy.” Kyra leans over to adjust something on the table and speaks in a low undertone. “Are you aware there’s a woman following you? Her hand moves to the dagger at her waist. “I can take her out if you want but she doesn’t look dangerous.”

Scarlet’s face lights up with amusement as she laughs, “no that is not necessary. Anyway if there is any danger, my boyfriend will take them out.”


“So your boyfriend is also your protector? I have that same problem, the overprotective boyfriend. Is he willing to die for you?”

“Yes, but I’ve told him I can look after myself.”

“Does it work? Doesn’t work on Tahrek at all.”

“No it doesn’t.”

“Men… Sometimes they can be so annoying.”

“Ok back on topic… I’ve got a list of questions they want me to ask.” Kyra squints at something in her hand. “Well I can see with my own eyes what you look like but how do you see yourself?”

“I see myself as your average Nephilim girl. But my boyfriend says I’m sexy and unique, with fiery red hair to match my unique trait.”

“Nephilim? Is that a caste? Or maybe a race?”

“It’s a race. Half human, half angel. I also found out recently that I was half archangel, the last one with archangel blood in fact.”

“Wow, well that sounds very powerful. Now I see why you can take care of yourself.” Kyra looks genuinely impressed.

“This one isn’t on the list,” Kyra leans in closer. “Have you got any sexy guys in your life? Ones I might want to say…meet?”

“Uh…as I said, I have a boyfriend, Dyston, but he’s obviously taken. His brother on the other hand… You will like Lakyn.” Scarlet answers with a smirk.

“So Dyston isn’t sexy? Or do you see past the exterior to the lovely inner person?”

“Oh he’s sexy, but he’s also loyal and caring. Looks aren’t all that matter.”

Kyra gives a nod of agreement, “No, but it does make things more fun at times. Okay back to the list… Tell me about growing up. What were your parents like? Any evil jerks hanging out wanting to marry you as soon as you come of age?”

“I was raised by my grandparents, my mother died giving birth to me, and don’t know about the evil jerks, though I do know one now.”

“My sympathies about your mother. Do you miss having a mother? And this evil guy, what does he look like?” Kyra moves from a look of genuine concern to caressing her dagger hilt.

“I never knew my mother so I don’t know any different. The evil guy I’m talking about looks like Dyston, only with shaggier hair and blue eyes. Feel free to try and kill him, but I don’t recommend it, he’s turned dark.”

“All the more reason to kill someone. But I have my own vespra lanir to fry. Let’s go back to the fun stuff. I hear you and Dyston are quite the hot item. He keeping you satisfied?”

A flush of red almost as bright as her hair infuses Scarlett’s cheeks, “um… well, in between trying to save the world and keeping me safe…”

“Ahh, an innocent. I can tell I’ve embarrassed you, how very wrong of me to do that during an interview. But then again I’m known to break rules. How about you?”

With a quick laugh Scarlet answers, “well Dyston always says rules are meant to be broken.”

“Thinking I like Dyston already.”

Kyra looks down at the parchment and squints before looking back up. “They want me to ask about your love interest. I’m guessing they mean Dyston. How boring is that? Love discussions when you could be discussing things that are way more fun. But there you go. Who is your love interest and do you think you have a future with him…or her?”

“Yes, I love Dyston. And I hope I have a future with him, if nothing happens along the way…”

“What does Dyston look like?”

“He has the most amazing chocolate eyes I have ever seen, and his irises are quite unique; they shine like an opal when the light hits them. He’s not so muscular, more lean, like a muso, with dark brown hair that sticks up at all angles.”

“Mrrrrrow… Now I’m hungry. He sounds absolutely delish. All this talking is getting boring. Want to play a game of dags?” Kyra throws a dagger at a nearby board that has a picture of a man who looks a lot like her pinned over it. The dagger hits the man square in the eye.

Scarlett flinches and is almost tempted to take out the dagger that Dyston had given her.

“There we go… I’ve done it twice now. Made you uncomfortable. Tahrek should be the one doing this interview. But at the same time you seem a little tempted. Go ahead, give it a throw.”

“I’ll leave the knife throwing and dagger skills for Dyston.”

“Maybe if you heat the dagger with that fire power and then throw it? Just for a small demo mind you.”

Scarlett looks concerned at this suggestion, “Uh, I have no idea what my trait will do to the dagger, my fire is not ordinary fire and the dagger isn’t made of ordinary earthly metals. It’s Dyston’s dagger so I better not.”

Disappointed Kyra sits back down. “Okay back to the list. What is your favorite food, oh forget that, make it your favorite dessert?”

“Mmm… probably gelato, or anything chocolaty.”

Kyra lips her lips, “not sure what gelato is but chocolate I know. What’s your favorite color? Please tell me it’s not something boring like natural greens and browns.”

“Probably red, is that boring?”

“Red is definitely not boring.” kyra smiles with an enthusiastic nod. “Not as rich as jewel blues and greens but a close second. Do you like to wear it or just look at it?”

“I wear it and my doona cover was red…until something happened to it.”

“Doona cover? What’s that?”

“Quilt cover? Duvet?”

“Ahhh ok, you have an accent I don’t recognize and some funny words.”

“Do you like to dance? Huh? They are really asking that? How about do you like to explore interesting places and flirt with strangers?”

“I’m not really the best dancer, and I only like to dance and flirt with Dyston.”

“What about the interesting places. You look like you have explored a bit.”

“We’ve had to visit a few beautiful places while escaping from those who are after me.”

Kyra glances towards the doorway, “We’re almost out of time. Is there anything else you want to tell me about before I run off to get some clothing or perfume or something.”

“Yeah, don’t mess with the Blackbell brothers, did I mention that Lakyn is Dyston’s older brother?”

“Well that sounds a bit mysterious. Yes you mentioned the older brother and that reminds me… I meant to ask about him earlier. Is he as delicious as his brother? I may have to meet him.”

“Some may think so.”

“Well I think that about winds this up. It’s been lovely meeting you. I hear Tahrek is interviewing your man soon. Looking forward to listening in on that convo. Maybe I’ll come visit your ‘world’ someday.”  😉


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