Day 2 of my crazy 90 Day Blogging Challenge.

90 Day Blogging Challenge

Today is day two of my 90 day blogging challenge. After succeeding at 9 weeks of hiking and reclaiming the use of my foot, I felt that my blogging needed the same kick in its royal, lazy ass. So this is it. Day 2. Can I do it? Can I actually log in here every single day for 90 days and post something that is not absolute drivel? And will you forgive me if it is?  Am I crazy to even try?

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some free images for my fellow artists to use. I think setting some blogging goals is good. So that is my first goal. I have a lot of images of the woods and things that people can use without having to pay. Artists struggle sometimes because the cost of buying all the images leaves them with no overhead to make money. I want to put a dent in that and help out other artists.

Until then…

~~ES. Tilton

ES Tilton is an avid lover of fantasy fiction, art, dance, weapons, nature, cats, costuming, gaming, great sex, whiskey sours and hot tubs. She spends most of her time wrestling with computers to create great stories and art. Her fantasy fiction series can be found on her book site.

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